Our laboratory offers hands on training on advanced molecular biology techniques for Life Science students with training modules designed to meet the academic and research goals of students and industrial researchers.


Key features:

  • Hands on various advance molecular biology techniques
  • Hands on different subject techniques (molecular Biology, Molecular diagnosis for medical science students, PCR, Real time PCR, transformation, GenomicDNA isolation Electrophoresis  RFLP  and DNA Sequencing)
  • Hands on experience on various biotech techniques in one week only.
  • Introduction and working principle of instruments and reagents used in PCR, RT qPCR, DNA sequencer, centrifuges.
  • Teaching of Bioinformatics tools like Primer designing for BLAST, ClustalW, and SNP detection.

Basic Module

Basics of Molecular Biology Laboratory techniques Nucleic acid extraction and PCR techniques Three days program.

Advanced Module

Advanced Molecular Biology Techniques DNA sequencing Real time PCR Cloning One week program.

Custom Module

Modules designed based on requirement Different experiment Flexible timing.

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