Plant Care

geneOmbio has an exclusive division for basic and advanced research and services in the field of plant science, tissue culture, seed technology and plant molecular biology. Our Plant Ploidy analysis is an internationally recognized service.


Plant Molecular Biology Service

These services include screening for transgenic plants, transgene copy number detection, and detection of point of integration, Zygosity test and Hybrid seed purity testing. Any customized requirement

Genotyping Services

We offer development of microsatellite library, Genotyping by AFLP, Fragment analysis by GeneMapper /GeneScan, Genotyping by RAPD, Development of ARMS marker, Development of SCAR markers, Genotyping by SNP analysis

Real time PCR services

Plant Care division deals with real time PCR services such as Copy number estimation, Gene Expression profiling/PCR arrays, Standard Gene expression assay kit development, Standard microbe/gene detection kit development

Flow Cytometry

We excel in flow cytometry based plant genome analysis services. Cell cycle analysis, determination of C value of plant genome and estimation of Plant DNA ploidy using Flow cytometry have been our most recognized services.

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