Pharmacogenomics, also known as personalized medicine, offers physicians the opportunity to individualize drug therapy for the patients based on the individual’s genetic makeup. Testing people prior to initiating drug therapy to determine their likely response to different classes of drugs could prove useful to both the doctor and patient when choosing current and future drug therapies and drug doses. With a FDA guidelines for over 200 drugs, Pharmacogenomics is already helping physicians predetermine proper therapies and dosages to have a better chance of achieving the desired therapeutic effect while minimizing the risk adverse effects.

Pharmacogenomics: Towards Gene based personalized medicine

Personalized medicine uses genetic information, lifestyle behavior, and other risk factors to customize medical decisions and treatments to individuals.

Fertility Support

Bringing in personalized medicine to fertility.

Psychiatry Support

Precise drug profiling in psychiatry treatment.

Onco Support

Correct therapy selection for cancer patients

Dermatology Support

Better Hair and skin health through genetics

Perio Support: Oral Care

Periodontitis related genetic testing

Cardiac Support

Treatment guide for cardiovascular diseases

Pharmacogenomics For CRO's

Partnering for genetic studies in clinical research

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Accurate and Reliable

 We have often used Microbial ID services from geneOmbio. Laboratory analysis process adheres to the advanced reference methods and it delivers the most accurate and reliable sequence data for identifications. Type of research output we get from geneOmbio is unparalleled in the industry .

Dr Sunil D,
Ph. D.

Excellent R&D services

 As a specialized company in Molecular Biology research geneOmbio has always helped us with high quality data and post analytics technical supports. geneOmbio technologies has excellent technical staff and is efficient in delivering well within time limits. I would highly recommend working with you. 

Dr Varsha W.
Ph. D.

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