Pharmacogenomics for CROs

geneOmbio has been providing genotyping services for various clinical trials and research studies since 2007. A recognized leader in DNA testing and analysis, we offers unrivaled depth of experience to pharmaceutical companies and contract research organizations (CROs).


The advantages of working with us include:

  • Large clinically validated menu; single genes and preconfigured panels
  • Broad allelic coverage using many sample types, such as blood, saliva, buccal swab, tissue, etc.
  • Use of various technological platforms for genotyping right from Sanger sequencing till Taqman SNP genotyping
  • In-house custom assay design and biomarker development; assistance to ensure right genes and variants tested
  • >99% specificity and accuracy
  • Pharmacogenetic consulting for design of study
  • Sample kit provision and guidance for sample collection and shipment
  • Quality Management support during audits
  • Reliable turnaround times, secure report file transfer
  • Dedicated customer support

If you’re looking for a trusted testing lab for your clinical trial, or if you’d like better turnaround time and responsiveness than your current lab, call geneOmbio today.

Contact us at any stage of your project to help with planning, learn more about our capabilities or to request a quote at or 020-27227038

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