Nutrigenomics Panels

geneOmbio Technologies in association with GeneSupport offers genetic testing and related Nutrigenomics counseling for several disorders and life style management. This includes test panels which provide specific information about your body’s system and are also able to predict risks associated with certain lifestyle disorders.


Health Support

It includes 27 genes involved in the onset of chronic diseases like diabetes, cardiac, inflammatory conditions, methylation, detoxification, bone health and iron metabolism.

Weight Loss

It includes analysis of 15 genes involved in weight loss and weight regain tendency for weight management.

Sports Support

It analyze 20 genes responsible for targeting information such as power & endurance potential, injury risk about individual’s body in sports.

Oestrogen Support

Hormone oestrogen balance and management through individualistic recommendation of macro and micro nutrients and life style changes. Oestrogen overload associated with breast, ovarian and prostate cancer.

Diabetes Support

To determine tendency of insulin resistance/sensitivity causing diabetes and associated conditions (type -1 and type-2).panel suggests personalized diet, lifestyle and exercise based means of diabetes management.

ApoE Support

This test analyses the gene ApoE and its variants to ascertain the risk of cholesterol and other cardiac issues and offer effective management

Gluten Intolerance

Detection of gluten intolerance and relevant dietary suggestions, to avoid gluten intolerance related issues (gastric problems, Indigestion, hyperacidity, acne.)

Lactose Intolerance

This test analyses the gene responsible for production of the enzyme, essential for digestion of lactose

Caffeine Metabolism

GeneSupport’s Caffeine Support tests the CYP1A2 gene variants to find whether the individual is a slow or fast caffeine metabolizer and how much caffeine intake is good for the body.

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