Fertility Support

Fertility Support is India’s first comprehensive genetic screen for reproductive health. Fertility Support is a gene based panel that can help your gynecologist predict the IVF treatment response and provide guidelines for drug dosage that would enhance IVF treatment success rate.



Complete package offering analysis of genes responsible for FSH, Gonadotropins dosages, ovarian response, folic acid and metformin metabolism. This report can be used as guide to treat patients going for IVF treatment.

Drug Panel

This panel includes gene analysis to decide dosage of FSH, Gonadotropins and AMH. The panel also includes genes responsible for metformin efficacy and whether Folic acid or L-5 methyl tetra hydrofolate will be effective.


Comprehensive genetic analysis of important genetic markers to determine ovarian response, risk of ovarian failure. PANEL (LHCGR, ESR1, SHBG, GDF-9 SOD2, FMR1)


Test mutations in FMR1 gene to determine risk of ovarian failure – Fragile X syndrome.

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