Combined Preventive Tests

geneOmbio Technologies offers preventive diagnostic tests in combination with routine molecular diagnostic testing services. Monitoring of patients infected with HIV-1, HBV and HCV require certain blood tests to be done on regular intervals. geneOmbio offers such tests on fully automated platforms that that enables for quality diagnosis, which is needed & demanded by the clinicians, pathologist, and patients.



These tests include – thyroid hormone, reproductive hormones and related tests such as APL, double marker and triple marker.


Tumor markers, Anemia, bone, diabetes, cardiac, autoimmune, HIV, tuberculosis, hepatitis and other infectious disease markers. Allergy markers and drug abuse panel is also available.


Clinical pathology and cytopathology tests on biological tissue samples are performed under histopathology segment.


Along with routine serology tests, we also offer microbiology tests and other miscellaneous tests on serum, urine, blood samples.

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