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We have a long range of contract research services offered, including DNA sequencing. If you are looking for a provider of DNA-based contract research such as DNA sequencing and genotyping and associated services such as small and large scale plasmid DNA extraction from bacteria, then you have come to the right place.

Collection Of Features Available Free Of Charge

  • Primer design tools
  • Storage of custom synthesized primers
  • Order history for 180 days
  • Quality report: as.ABI files
  • Validation by internal quality control standards.
  • Storage of sequence data for 300 days

Basic Features Of The DNA Sequencing Service

  • One repetition if necessary
  • Manually checked single strand data
  • Optional BLASTx and / or heterozygote analysis
  • Accuracy of data is > 99 %
  • Storage of template DNA and custom synthesized primers for 6 weeks
  • Reordering option within 6 weeks

What More We Do With Your DNA

  • Quality control of template DNA
  • Concentration adjustment of DNA
  • Manual BLAST analysis (optional)
  • PCR product Purification and gel purification


Cat # Service Service details
GBSEQ1 DNA Sequencing Single Pass Sequencing of purified PCR product or plasmid DNA using primer as indicated by client (500-600 bases data)
GBSEQ2 Purification and Sequencing Purification of PCR product and Sequencing Single reaction ((500-600 bases data)
GBSEQ3 Plasmid isolation and sequencing-single pass Culturing and isolation of plasmid DNA from pure culture (clones) and sequencing Single reaction (500-600 bases data)
GBSEQ4 Plasmid isolation and sequencing-double pass Culturing and isolation of plasmid DNA from pure culture (clones) and sequencing two reactions (500-600 bases data)
GBSEQ5 Gel elution and sequencing Agarose gel electrophoresis and Elution of specific amplicon from PCR product and sequencing single reaction (500-600 bases data)
GBSEQ6 PCR optimization and sequencing The template DNA and the amplifying primers are provided. PCR optimization, PCR product purification, ans single pass Sequencing as indicated by client-(500-600 bases data)
GBSEQ7 Sequence assembly  Assembly of DNA sequences using overlapping fragment sequencing
GBSEQ8 Manual Base Calling Manual base call after machine-made base call - Edited base calls


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