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Managing Director : Mr. Sachin Purohit Sachin Purohit is the Managing Director of Geneombio Technologies Mr. Puro

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Molecular Diagnostic Services   We specialize in providing Molecular Diagnostic Services to various healthcare o

Welcome To Geneombio Technologies

Leading in Molecular Biology Services

Geneombio Technologies is a biotechnology company with a strong base in the area of genomic research and has a central laboratory facility offering one of the best infrastructures to undertake high-tech genomic research projects. This includes state-of-the-art automated fluorescent DNA sequencing facility, robotized real time PCR platform, and several variants of conventional thermal cyclers including gradient & conventional versions, automated PCR-ELISA platform, sophisticated documentation system and several modern bio-safety cabinets. Our specialization lies in providing Molecular Diagnostic Services, Contract Research Services and Animal Genetic Services. The organization has highly qualified, efficient and dedicated team of research scientists with proven track record in the area of genome analysis and advanced diagnostics. Geneombio Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has established a sound contract research protocol for all forms of molecular biology research. Niche areas of contract service such as DNA analysis based microbe identification have been tuned to be the best of its class in the country. Geneombio Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has carried out so far successful projects for both private and government organizations.

Geneombio Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has optimized more than 60 different DNAs, RNA based pathogens and congenital disorder testing facilities and launched them successfully in the Indian market. We offer indigenously developed state-of-the-art pathogen detection assays in conventional and real time PCR platforms, which include among others quantitative and qualitative detection of HIV-I, Hepatitis B, C and Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Geneombio Technologies Pvt. Ltd. also offers the whole platform of all the HIV-I molecular diagnostics with a very competitive price and at the same time on the most sensitive platform of Real time PCR.


What's New?

“HIV-1 Tropism Assay – geneOmbioTechnologies”

“Tropism assay” is a diagnostic tool used to identify the type of coreceptor, used by HIV to infect target immune cells. The tests can be phenotypic or genotypic and are used to determine the co-receptor tropism of the dominant HIV population in patients. Tropism testing helps to provide information to enhance understanding of available treatment options.

geneOmbio Technologies now offers HIV-1 Tropism Assay as a part of the Molecular Diagnostic Services (HIV-1 wing). This assay has been fully validated for providing accurate results as per the Quality Assurance Program Conducted in collaboration with an Australian Laboratory in 2012.

geneOmbio HIV-1 coreceptor tropism is a high end test based based on RT-PCR and DNA sequencing technology, which is carried out on plasma HIV RNA. This test begins with standard sequencing of the third variable (V3) loop of the HIV-1 envelope gene, the primary determinant of viral tropism. If standard sequencing detects only CCR5-tropic virus, a more sensitive sequencing test -Triplicate Population Sequencing (TPS) is performed to confirm that low levels of CXCR4-tropic virus are not present in the sample.




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